Lumberyard Setup Assistant

My role:
» Wireframes
» Visual design
» Usability testing


Worked with:
» 1 other UX designer
» Developers
UX and visual design and usability testing of a Lumberyard installation tool.

In 2015 I took over the design of a tool focused on helping users install Lumberyard, a AAA game-engine. Another designer did the first round of design, and I took over the tool and immediately applied visual styling to it that I had been working on for another tool in an effort to try and unify the visual styling in our secondary tools. The tool was already built in QT, so once the styling was updated, I created a usability test plan, and moderated a usability study that included 8 participants. I discovered a number of issues with the tool’s workflow, instructions, and organization. Based on this feedback, I updated the design and worked with our technical writers to normalize the instructions within the tool. After another round of usability testing and an additional update to the visual design, the Setup Assistant was included with the first public release of Lumberyard.

Today, I continue to work with the dev team to improve the install experience for Lumberyard customers. I’ve held a number of brainstorming sessions with the agile team and stakeholders, where we performed affinity diagramming exercises and sketching sessions to iterate on a future release of the product.