Cloud Canvas Resource Manager

My role:
» Sketching
» Wireframes
» Visual design
» Usability testing


Worked with:
» Developers
UX, visual design, and usability testing of the Cloud Canvas Resource Manager.

In 2015 I worked with an agile team to design Lumberyard’s Cloud Canvas Resource Manager. The resource manager allows game developers to create cloud resources for use in their game without the need to leave the Lumberyard editor. None of our competitors had designed a tool like this. I hosted a variety of brainstorming and sketching exercises with the agile team to land on a direction for the design, and then turned those sketches into wireframes, which were vetted with stakeholders. The development team began to build the application based on my wireframes, and part way through development I did the first round of usability testing. We got a lot of great feedback on where we needed to iterate, and I updated the designs in high-fidelity mockups. I finished up with 1 more round of usability testing before we launched the resource manager in an early release of Lumberyard.